Community, Environment & Sustainability

Ausfarm Fresh prides itself on being a socially responsible corporate citizen, with best practice corporate governance. We acknowledge our duty to act responsibly, and with integrity and transparency when it comes to the environment. Our goal is to nurture the land, protect wildlife and support the local communities we live and work in.


As a major employer in a number of regional locations across Australia, Ausfarm Fresh is dedicated to playing a positive role in the economic and social sustainability of these communities.

Environment and Sustainability

Ausfarm Fresh is committed to sustainable practices, ensuring that natural resources are utilised in an environmentally responsible way. This approach allows Ausfarm Fresh to provide the finest quality products, while at the same time protecting the environment for future generations.

Best Practices Along the Supply Chain

Ausfarm Fresh provides consumers with the highest quality safe products, grown under an environmentally sustainable production system that tries to be as close to nature as possible. Our orchard management methods aim to minimise spraying and other environmentally disruptive practices, while ensuring optimum productivity

Our growers and horticulturalists are dedicated to discovering new and innovative ways of not only growing our produce, but also controlling pests and minimising damage to crops using more natural techniques.

Ausfarm Fresh’s apple orchards are certified IPM (Integrated Pest Management), which involves the use of small dispensers placed in the trees, which emit synthetically produced female pheromones to confuse the male. IPM disrupts the mating cycle, controlling the pest.

The packing facilities of Ausfarm Fresh group entities are export certified which reflect the highest standards of hygiene and compliance.