Who we are

In a world that increasingly craves fresh, safe, delicious produce, Ausfarm Fresh is a trusted, reliable source of clean, high quality fresh produce and value-added food products from Australia – a place that still has a special magic when it comes to fresh food.

Ausfarm Fresh embodies the philosophy of being ethical, sustainable and responsible – with a long-term benefit to the environment and society, thereby creating ongoing value for all.

With a commitment to best practice governance, Ausfarm Fresh is home to a stable of quality brands, which allows us to share ‘the magic of fresh’ around the globe.

Our structure

Ausfarm Fresh is a unique, vertically-integrated food safety platform, with exposure to businesses that range from pre-farm gate to the consumer plate.

We have:

  • Controlling interests in leading agricultural, food and beverage production assets in Australia, through the vertical supply chain into distribution channels domestically and internationally
  • Multiple export certified packing facilities, cold storage, direct sales channels, downstream value-added food products
  • One of the largest vertically-integrated apple production businesses in Australia, including orchards, cold storage, packing sheds, downstream value add facility and distribution channels in Stanthorpe in Queensland and Batlow in New South Wales
Our objective

Our objective

To incorporate a diverse spectrum of fresh produce and healthy food products from Australia under the food safety theme, while creating certified and safe food products for Australian and key Asian markets.

Investing in Australia

Investing in Australia

Ausfarm Fresh is committed to investing capital and strategic resources to develop the vertically integrated platform domestically. In some circumstances this assists with resolving succession issues and providing an impetus for corporate restructuring. It is envisaged that investments undertaken by Ausfarm Fresh will improve the competitiveness of Australia's agriculture, food and beverage industries.

Committed to growth

Committed to growth

Australia is well-placed to take advantage of provenance as an issue, based on strong food safety standards and quality products. Recognising the need to find new growth drivers and capture value in the fast-growing export market, Ausfarm Fresh is actively looking to develop value-added downstream products, as well as export business, through the extensive network of its principal shareholder, Isola Capital Group.

Our vision

To become one of the leading integrated agriculture, food, and beverage enterprises in Australia, with aspirations to build a diverse spectrum of verticals in fresh and value-added food products.

Ausfarm Fresh was established to invest in, and in turn, ensure a select group of Australian agriculture, food, and beverage businesses remain sustainable and competitive, both domestically and for export.

Renowned for its excellent food safety standards and strict quality control when it comes to food production, handling, transportation and distribution, Australia has enormous potential to supply export markets. Ausfarm Fresh has the business acumen, experience and expertise to realise this potential.